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We Help Employers/Employees Proactively Venture Into the Future: Riding the Winds of Change & Opportunities

Since 1994 Compass Career Management Solutions has supported a diverse list of companies across the United States. Our clients named us, expressing their appreciation for giving them direction and creating solutions to their challenges. Compass Career partners with company leadership to help them take proactive steps for a healthier future.

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Experts in Business & Career Transitions, Talent Management/Development, and Outplacement

Change is the one constant in our world today. However, most people find change to be very unsettling, causing many to feel uneasy and out of sync in the area of employment, which is such a big part of anyone’s life. Though Compass Career Management is thoroughly experienced in Career and Business Transitions, we have been encouraging companies and organizations to be more proactive and progressive in the management process to avoid negative transitions.  However, change is a natural occurrence and needs to be managed strategically to avoid unnecessary, unpleasant outcomes.

Though we are experienced providing Outplacement to companies in 35 states to manage short and long-term transitions, as well as plant closures and small reductions of a workforce, we try our best to encourage companies to be more proactive.  Compass Career has partnered with a wide variety of industries, beginning with manufacturing, though including attorneys, accounting and insurance firms, IT businesses, NFL affiliations, NASCAR organizations, retail companies, etc.

Clients have valued our:

  • Quick response
  • Customizable services
  • Confidentiality
  • Flexibility
  • Trustworthiness

Robyn and Bill Crigger also have an extensive network of resources, which is a big asset to both the companies and their employees. Their network comes from their dedication and involvement in the Charlotte Metro, as well as national and regional affiliations. Their successful services are due to their conscientiousness and commitment to their mission of “doing all that is possible to help their clients”.



Our Executive HR Coaches have over 20 years in business and over 30 years of executive human resources experience. Our clientele recognizes and values the insight and wisdom we provide to their organizations. Our executive coaching enables their leaders to make strategic decisions, which places them on the continued road of success.Read More
“The Key to a Successful Workforce”
Though the big picture is Succession Planning, it all begins with Talent Management. As an employer hires each employee, he/she becomes one piece of the organization’s puzzle. Each employee provides talents and skills that hinge on another employee’s capabilities. All pieces need to fit together in order to succeed with the “big picture”.Read More
Managers and employees alike tend to dread the annual “performance evaluations” with management seeing this as a stressful task. However, in today’s workforce a majority of employees are frustrated at not receiving more feedback on their work, especially if they are barely able to receive their once a year “performance review”. Once a year is a long time to wait to see how you stand or are “ranked” in your workforce. Plus, if you are struggling at certain responsibilities or tasks, an employee may feel it would be better to change jobs and hope for a more responsive and supportive employer. That is how companies can lose “good employees”.Fortunately, now there is a program called “Performance Culture Systems”, which includes a very effective piece of technology that enables both management and employees to better understand “expectations and a company’s core values”, as well as plan or arrange development support.Compass Career Management Solutions has been trained and certified to be a Strategic Partner of “Performance Culture Systems”. Companies will be pleased to have such an affordable resource that can make their companies more successful and includes areas of customization.Read More
“A Critical Investment in the Future”
Most employers know that each part of a machine must receive regular attention and care in order to continue functioning at its best. Without that cleaning or greasing of the wheels, the machine will stall and eventually come to a halt. Employees are no different – they need regular TLC to perform effectively and efficiently, which Compass Career can provide.Read More