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Balancing Two Sides

Since 1994 Compass Career Management Solutions has assisted a long diverse list of companies across the United States.  Our clients willingly created our business’ name, using specific words that described how our firm’s capabilities uniquely enabled us to address and resolve the challenges of our clients.  Thus, the name given to us became: Compass (giving direction) Career (identifying the best path for our clients) Management (allowing us to orchestrate the most effective process) and Solutions (building clear “procedures” to overcome all obstacles).  Therefore, our company name officially became Compass Career Management Solutions.  Our passion strives to help others take proactive steps for a healthier future.

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What Would Enable Employees to Better Contribute to Your Business?

Businesses have had to face some very difficult economic circumstance over the past two years, and COVID, which has been a huge factor, has yet to be resolved, though the vaccinations and boosters have helped.  Still, employers and business owners need to consider what efforts could assist them bolster and improve their results and outcomes.  Doing nothing would not be advised.  That just leaves the company vulnerable and at risk.

There are definitely some efforts that would position your workforce to be more effective and productive.  Compass Career Management Solutions is an experienced, professional human resource firm, who has assisted MANY businesses in 35 states since 1994 in strategically tackling areas of a business, which would allow them to manage their challenges by educating and training those employees to be better in each of their positions.

Some ways that Compass Career Management could help include:

  • Providing Strategic Planning with company leaders
  • Teach Key Steps in Good Customer Service Representatives
  • Have Supervisory or Management Training to teach how to be more effective
  • Educate employees on how to be an Effective Communicator
  • Plan Workforce Behavior Forums to educate employees about being sensitive to others

The first bullet is an initial step in determining what efforts would be more of a priority for the business.  From this strategic planning session, Compass Career’s Representative would discuss and request input from the company leaders in order to determine what programs or processes would be encouraged to improve the business’ outcome and reach or exceed their goals.

Outplacement Services will always be our core business, but transitions of all kinds impact a business.  Therefore, we strive to provide the services to strengthen and grow a business.


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A Positive & Proactive Effort Can Be Productive

Life is full of decisions and choices, but to do nothing, ignore or try to avoid making a decision is unwise and could be viewed as poor leadership.  Tough decisions are stressful and can be agonizing, but this is what is expected of good Leaders/Employers.  When businesses and organizations face difficult times, the Decision Makers need to step up, examine all the facts and options, and make those tough calls.

There are no guarantees or crystal balls, and even if you research all the data available, there are still many unknowns that could change the outcomes.  However, Business Leaders and Employers have little choice but to make the best decisions possible under the circumstances.

One factor that has hurt many organizations and businesses today is that a large number of “experienced leaders” have chosen to leave or retire, especially since COVID hit.  This has left many organizations to try and manage with much less experienced managers, directors, and vice presidents.  No offense to this newer, younger group of execs, but the fact is there is no replacing the value and depth of “experience”.  Furthermore, most organizations are not spending the money on “true, credible Leadership Training”.  Yet, an effective Leadership Training program is priceless and beneficial, especially when dealing with the changing world we have now.

Many Business Owners and Employers don’t grasp the impact of a strategic, interactive Leadership Training Program, but such a process can open the eyes of competent, receptive young leaders.  As 2022 continues to evolve and other chapters develop in our business world, business owners would be wise to consider providing some educational efforts to give their young leaders a chance to learn how to be more insightful, identify valuable resources, and glean pertinent information in order to make better decisions.  They will all make some mistakes, but with the help of experienced and credible professionals, your new generation of leaders will have a better chance of advancing your businesses.  Compass Career Management Solutions has dealt with transitions of many kinds for over 25 years.   Let us help you and your leaders to develop and benefit your organizations.

www.compasscareer.com; 704-849-2500

Understanding Different Forms of Businesses Transitions

Change is the One Constant

Transformation/Radical Change
Structural Change
Process & System Change
People & Culture Change
Developmental Change
Merger/Acquisition Change
Downsizing Change
Relocation Change

Importance of Professional Resources

When owning or managing a business, that Business Leader must understand and be informed about the different needs of a business as “things change”.  Those Business Leaders should be educated and trained to stay informed and watch for economic and business changes and trends in order to prepare the business ahead for ways to avoid corporate, environmental, cultural, or other events to side-step financial or operational disasters.

Of course, there are also weather-related catastrophes that could cause business transitions.  When hurricanes or tornados hit communities, their consequences are often tragic.  Business Owners and Leaders need to be taught or informed of what proactive steps and actions should be planned to try to save or avoid a business from physical and/or financial devastation.  (This is also encouraged for “responsible business owners” to watch out for the employees, as their jobs are the basis for their livelihood.)

Just as there are strategic steps to help a business avoid extreme physical damage, there are also detailed strategies in order to encourage or plan for growth of a business.  A Business Leader may watch for good investments, which could develop positive growth via a merger or acquisition.  Taking these steps could create great opportunities and potential to many businesses.  If Business Owners/Leaders don’t keep informed and aware of important events, it could cost their company and their life investments.  (NOTE: A responsible and conscientious business owner would be held in high regard when taking steps to provide and/or assure employees receive support in regard to their employment security when possible.)

Some efforts that could substantially affect the life of a business and its workforce could include the need of specific training of employees.  Without investing in Employee Training, a business could find itself weakened in the “market place” and unable to compete for business opportunities.  Employee Training isn’t always learning specific technical skills, but it could involve different processes or procedures or even techniques or the use of different materials.  Employees must value working as a “team”.  CHANGE is not the enemy, but a factor that all employees and leaders need to understand, respect, and value.  Compass Career Management Solutions is an experienced and effective resource for all businesses and can strengthen an organization, positioning them to excel and grow even through various business transitions. The KEY is to be proactive, prepared, and committed

www.compasscareer.com; 704-849-2500

Career Re: Career Transitions

Carefully Research & Choose the Best Career Path for Yourself

If you are selecting your career initially as you enter your adult life, you are encouraged to approach this critical journey via your adult education with these factors:

  1. Be aware of your strong skills
  2. Know of those important interests that should be a part of your career
  3. What are those values that at the core of who you are
  4. Be in touch with what kind of vision you have for your life
  5. And in order to accomplish your vision, what goals would you need to achieve.

Another important factor is to research which industry would be a fit for the position you seek, and within that industry, what company possesses the level of integrity and the reputation you would value?

However, if you are already an established, experienced employee and either want to make a career change or find yourself forced to make a career change, here are some steps to consider:

  1. Assess your interests and skills
  2. Research what other careers or industries would be viable
  3. Be open to informative interviews to learn more about a career or business
  4. Consider “job shadowing” others in the line of work in which you are interested
  5. Experiment by volunteering in the position or field of interest
  6. Take a class or tap into a Career Coach, that would be most beneficial to you
  7. But DON’T jump into a new career for the wrong reasons or be pushed into it

Look back at the different positions you have held and examine what you have learned about “business”.  When working for someone else, you may not understand why they make the decisions they have.  You should know that it’s easy to second-guess someone else’s decisions.  However, there are always LOTS of data and information as an employee you won’t have.  Still, choosing to be “Self-Employed” is an option, BUT if you do choose this, you are encouraged to hire a Career Coach to educate you in order to make wise decisions.  A Business Owner must be “well organized” and be sure to select credible business resources and to hire efficient, experienced employees in order to have a chance of success.  Be open to take classes as well as receive professional coaching.  Invest in yourself.  YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

Compass Career Management Solutions are professional experts in transitions.

www.compasscareer.com; 704-849-2500

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    Our Executive HR Coaches have over 20+ years in business and human resources experience. Our clientele recognizes and values the insight, exposure, and high integrity we share with their organizations. Our executive coaching enables their leaders to make sound, strategic decisions, which places them on the continued road of success.

    Performance Culture: A Program To Create A Fully Engaged And Productive Workforce

    Effective Communication Skills

    The top issue or concern relayed by most companies and organizations is “Communication”.  This can be a major problem for most business owners and leaders, as communication is critical to their progress and growth.  It would be considered a “death sentence” to a business if they were known for “poor communication.”  (Once words are said, they cannot be erased)

    Open and clear communication is needed between owner and management, management and the general workforce, between management and vendors, as well as between sales and clients.  Good communication is like the “oil for the Tin Man” in the Wizard of Oz.  Effective communication enables the different departments to listen and respond positively to those needs of their counterparts.

    In order for any business to receive input and address any issue shared by their counterparts, the first step to “good communication” is to LISTEN carefully and confirm the issue at hand.  From there, identify the main concern and determine or locate the resolution.

    This may all sound simple, but if the owner and management team has swept this problem under the rug for very long to avoid any confrontation, it may take a longer time to resolve.  Compass Career Management Solutions has always valued the importance of “Communication”, and we are ready to be of assistance.  Communication is a “key component” to the growth and survival of a business.

      “Good Leaders Command Respect and Trust”

    Good Leaders Command Respect and Trust

    Leadership Training

    “A Critical Investment in the Future”

    Not everyone is meant to be a “LEADER”.  When asked what characteristics or competencies you expect in a “Leader”, many would say: Honest, Dependable, Responsible, Hard-Working, Intelligent, etc.  All of these are good descriptions of a “valuable employee”, BUT are these enough to make a “good LEADER”?  Secondly, does this person WANT to be a LEADER?  Leadership is a HUGE responsibility, and there are many who do NOT want this on their shoulders.  So what does make a good LEADER?

    This topic is the first part of LEADERSHIP TRAINING – to discuss and ask if a person is really ready for and wants to be a LEADER?  One young professional told me that she didn’t have “confidence” in her Leader.  That is definitely a bad sign.  Leaders need to possess a personality and behavior that emits high expectations and is trustworthy.  If the Leader does not possess these two traits, it should cause an employer to doubt the person’s leadership potential.

    Through a well-developed Leadership program, there are several phases in “developing a strong, effective leader”.  Our process also includes actual experience in “decision making”, as well as learning the specific skills needed to provide “good leadership”.  A person may appear to possess good leadership characteristics, UNTIL they encounter a crisis and are unable to perform the role.  At Compass Career Management our Leadership Development program includes exposure to events that should identify possible “weak links”.  We also believe in the use of occasional “refreshers”.  If a Leader is able to motivate a person to defeat his/her fears in performing a task, it is a good sign of “TRUST”.  Contact Compass Career Management to learn more.

    The Importance of Leadership Traits

    The Importance of Leadership Traits

    Effective Management Training

    Employers, do you select inspiring/motivating Managers, or do your Managers cause your “good employees” to leave?

    Most employers know that each part of a machine must receive regular maintenance, attention and care in order to continue functioning at its best. Without that cleaning or greasing of the wheels, the machine will stall and eventually come to a halt or break down. Employees are no different – they need regular TLC to perform effectively and efficiently, which Compass Career Management can provide.

    Everyone is different, but most persons are hard-working and yet still benefit from clear structure and directions.  In addition, employees also respond well to encouragement, support and respect.  To further invest in good employees, it helps for them to understand “clear expectations” and receive occasional training to strengthen their abilities to do their very best.  With this type of employer-employee relationship the mutual respect and support delivers superior results.

    Unfortunately, when employers inadvertently hire a Manager, who is more interested in his/her paycheck or boosting his/her ego by using degrading attitudes and behavior to accentuate “authority”, this is a MAJOR PROBLEM.  It is hard enough to locate “good employees” without having an overzealous “manager” imposing his/her low self-esteem on them.  Therefore, Compass Career Management encourages Employers to be careful about hiring poorly trained managers with negative attitudes.  It is understandable that employers want employees who are dependable and willing to give a hard day’s efforts but only when treated with respect.

    Therefore, be selective about those you choose to be managers, and make sure those managers receive a “healthy dose of good management training”.  The training is worth the investment.