Importance of Effective Communication

Importance of Effective Communication

Compass Career Management Solutions has been able to create surveys to address specific issues for clients.  Surveys can include “turnover” problems and survey those exiting employees to determine causes for leaving, etc.

More recently, the topic of poor Employee Engagement has been a reason to delve into the root of this challenge.  In order to completely understand and resolve any problem or glitch in an organization’s culture, an Employee Engagement Survey has been created, which can also be customized to inquire the main issues.  A thorough approach to this process is to follow the survey with Focus Groups, facilitated by outside professionals, like Compass Career Management Solutions, who can be impartial and encourage employees to speak freely.

From the surveys and Focus Groups, a report is prepared for a company’s leaders to discuss and determine what next steps should be taken.  The worst a company can do is to “do nothing” with this information.  Employees seek employers who not only “listen to them”, but also respond to their concerns.

Companies should talk with Compass Career Management Solutions regarding what survey may help address their areas of concern.  Call: 704-849-2500.

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