How to Feel Inspired in order to Energize and Reinvent Your Organization

In order to develop good employees, you need good leaders

Last week was the North Carolina State SHRM Conference, which was held in Greensboro, NC.  As hundreds of Human Resources professionals swarmed into the conference, ready and hopeful about the flood of information to be shared with them, it is quite common for expectations to be high.  What new ideas or creative insight might be uncovered in this year’s HR Conference?  What new nuggets of wisdom and lessons might be revealed?

There are always changes and new situations for human resources to learn and be trained how to manage, which is understandable since their jobs deal with “humans”, who constantly encounter new circumstances or a twist of old ones.  There are also questions and differences of opinions, as these HR professionals think through the many different scenarios that they encounter in their own work environments.

With the human resources area touching all employees at some point of a person’s work experience, especially when being hired, what specific and valued information do you suppose most attendees took away from this venue with the topic being to “reinvent”?  What inspirational message could they have received in order to come back to their workforces and spark a flame under them?

I would value hearing from some attendees for their input.  No doubt, most employees would appreciate fresh ideas to encourage and inspire them.  From what I hear from employees there is still a big desire for a) better performance management, b) improved communication throughout organizations, c) better trained and confident business leaders, and d) more training and growth opportunities.

These conferences can be a great resource when credible and effective speakers/trainers provide solid information that attendees can immediately implement with their own workforces.  Or to introduce the attendees to instructors who could be reasonably priced trainers for workforces.

The fact is most HR Professionals have such full plates, they need resources who can benefit their workforces as their time is already jam-packed.  The Conferences are definitely a good place to educate your HRs and make them aware of solid resources.  The key then is for Employers to support their HRs.  So how inspired are you after the Conference?  Are you ready to motivate others?

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