Employers, Use Human Resources More Effectively

Human Resources is one management department that can be easily overloaded and used ineffectively.  Many employers don’t grasp the true value of training programs or a technological tool, as employers see that as a luxury or unnecessary, compared to equipment for producing their products, etc. HOWEVER, most Human Resources professionals are aware how tools or training can strengthen employees and improve production. 

With the many areas of responsibility that fall on Human Resources, this department needs ways to be more efficient and more effective to make the best use of the workforce. For instance, if a company knows that it needs an effective Leadership Development Program, developing their own program is time consuming and unnecessary when there are credible programs already accessible.  It would be a better use of their time, research, experimentation, not to mention selecting appropriate exercises and developing manuals to support their programs.  Plus, many employees will respond better to impartial, outside experts.

Employers would do well to allow their in-house staff to utilize their time and efforts in other ways, like spending more time carefully recruiting good employees, coaching, mentoring, on-boarding, etc. One observation noted that selecting skilled and competent employees is a priority in growing a strong and productive organization. One Leadership Expert relayed that it is critical “to train effective leaders, who are a) experienced and can perform their roles successfully; b) as well as follow through on all responsibilities that have been promised; and c) taught to always take good care of their people in order that they can help others.”

Employers and company leaders are responsible for their workforces’ outcome, noting that leaders should receive good training themselves.  Therefore, employers should invest in all leaders, including HR: i.e. Leadership Training, Effective Communication, Workforce Behavior TrainingTeam Building, etc.

To complete this effort of building a strong organization, they need to know how to develop a good working culture.  How does HR maximize their time in order to increase productivity and engagement?  One way to assure this is by arranging regular “conversations” with employees. This avoids misconceptions, misunderstandings and clarifies expectations.  What program would benefit your workforce?

Consider meeting with Compass Career Management Solutions to explore what program could help your company excel in the future?  Compass Career Management strives to promotevalid resources and programs to strengthen all organizations and encourages companies to tap into such opportunities.  Contact us TODAY!  Help your HR enable your organization to be more effective and successful.

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