Have You Trained Your New Leaders to Replace Those Exiting?

Developing Effective Leaders

As 2017 comes towards the end, more Boomers are preparing to exit, and many of these will be leaving a leadership position vacant.  Employers, you should be taking a close look at which leaders are at a point of retiring.  Of those positions, how many of them do you have someone trained as a replacement?

There should be a good amount of time allowed to train a leader.  First, they need “Leadership Training” by a Transition Professional, then arranging more time for these “new leadership trainees” to have exposure to the role you have planned for them.  Such exposure is critical in observing how well the trainee will perform “in the field”.  Chances are these trainees will need additional training in order to gain the depth of skills for handling a bigger responsible position.  Sometimes a Leadership Trainee might need executive “coaching” if he/she will be holding a “senior leadership role”.

With all this in mind, you may begin to calculate the amount of training time required for a leadership role.  Compass Career Management Solutions has worked closely with many Management and Executive-level professionals.  And with our direct involvement with transitions, we are well prepared to train strong and effective leaders.

You are encouraged NOT to put off your leadership training for those you need to take your organization into a successful future.  Contact Compass Career Management Solutions now to discuss and plan for the development of your future leaders.  Visit our website: www.compasscareer.com or call us today: 704-849-2500.

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