Human Resources Needs to Stay Informed

All generations experience a variety of issues that affect people in the workplace, and employers and human resources are expected to find ways of resolving any unfair or hurtful practices.  When the issues are more harmful or cause public concern, or are illegal, the government may step in to be sure employers are handling their responsibilities appropriately.

For the most part, employers take their responsibilities for their employees very seriously.  Occasionally, the working world throws society a curve, and employers may be unsure of their boundaries.  Still, a company’s Human Resources Professional is always expected to know the “rules and boundaries” or a credible resource for clarifying how the employer is to manage the situation.  When in doubt about a serious matter, be sure to check with your company’s legal representatives.  (Some recent issues have included: Bullying, Sexual Harassment, Illegal aliens/workers, Ethical issues, etc.)

Maybe this sounds easy, but when it comes to the treatment and management of a company’s employees, there is always a need to be sensitive and accurate about the laws and rules to follow.  If you wondered what the SPHR or PHR initials are following an HR professional’s name, it signifies that this person has gone through a detailed course and exam, confirming that this person has proven to know and understand key information and rules for Human Resources Professionals.

However, even after receiving such recognition, the Human Resources professionals are required to continue taking courses to keep current on their area of expertise.  In addition, with so many details and rules to know, most HR professionals know how to look up or research any incident that may require follow up measures.

When you consider that many employers have hundreds or thousands of employees, it should be obvious that Human Resources professionals have a full plate of matters to monitor and manage for their employers.  It is a BIG responsibility.  Plus new issues continue to be added and the HRs are expected to stay informed.

The Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) is a professional organization for HR professionals, and companies are encouraged to have their representatives attend regularly.  Not only does the SHRM organization provide informative programs, but attendees can learn a lot from their colleagues.  Therefore, support your HR professionals in attending and staying informed.  Human Resources carries a heavy load, which addresses the welfare of employers and employees.  Be sure to thank them for all they do.

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