Does the Media Reflect the Real World or Vice Versa

Encourage Open Dialogue to Discuss Mutual Respect

When the story about Weinstein initially broke, it didn’t seem like a big surprise, and yet as more and more individuals came forward with their own accounts of misconduct and sexual harassment, the public seemed surprised that this one man had caused such inappropriate behavior towards so many, and yet no one had stepped forward for years.

Then other well-known and established professionals were being identified with similar poor behavior and treatment towards others.  These more recently named professionals are not necessarily in the entertainment world but a variety of professions.  Still one question that has been asked by many is “why have these accusers waited so long to come forward?”

I have yet to hear a good reason, though I suspect it could be a combination of reasons.  1) For years individuals who had been mistreated, abused, or harassed by someone, who is considered in “high regard”, knew that most people wouldn’t believe the accuser.  2) With more people standing up against their abusers, it is giving encouragement to those “abused” to speak up.

However, another point to be examined more deeply is “why is there an increase of sexual harassment and poor behavior in the workplace”?  What is happening in the workplace that has caused this behavior?  Now is the time to provide your workforces with a venue to support all employees, discuss and explore this concern, open the dialogue to help understand, identify, and resolve these issues.  “Workplace Behavior” needs to be a priority for employers to address and give their workforces a chance to correct any misconceptions, improve mutual respect, etc.  Compass Career Management Solutions can assist with this important matter.  It begins with “listening” and demonstrating we care about all employees.

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