A Positive Approach to a New Year

Be Courteous & Respectful

Respectful & Supportive Influence

After enjoying special days with family and friends with lots of good food, activities, and great memories, how can we do anything but have a positive attitude towards our lives and all that surrounds us?  Everyone I have spoken to has had a wonderful holiday season and have enjoyed being with friends and family.  I include in my experiences the receipt of holiday cards from special friends and relatives.

Every year I make a habit of writing a one-page family newsletter to share in my holiday cards.  Yes, there are many who only contact me once a year at Christmas, but these are special people in my life.  It is always great to share all that has happened in the past year, as well as hear the news from each of my friends and relatives.

Our family has moved around over the years, beginning in WV to Roanoke, VA to Charlotte, NC, and then to Atlanta, GA, and even to the Quad Cities of IL.  Each place where we have lived gave us an opportunity to meet and get to know some wonderful people.  When you share your lives with people, it is an opportunity to be apart of their lives, too.  One of my first childhood friends and I still stay in touch — on each other’s birthdays as well as Christmas.  Now, thanks for FaceBook and emails, we connect even more often.  You never know just how much you have impacted others’ lives.

Since my husband and I own a professional human resources firm, which assists many through difficult work-related transitions, we try to be of assistance, utilizing or tapping into the many people in our network.  Though this is our livelihood, we do believe what goes around comes around.  Giving of yourself and helping others is a good way to spend your time.  The goal is to help others as we would value others helping us.  Though this is a large world, our hands can touch even those around the world.

As you begin your “new year”, see how many others you can help?  Such assistance doesn’t have to be LARGE efforts, as even small ones can make a difference.  Don’t do it thinking “what is in it for you”, but to see how you can positively impact others with even small gestures.  Do it from your heart and give willingly.  Even a smile can lift one’s spirits.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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