Business Owners, What Is Your Strategic Plan to Start 2018

Dedicated, Strategic Leader + Credible Experts & Committed Employees = Success

Today more than ever, employers need to start the year with a “strategic” plan for their businesses to be more productive, address customers’ needs, while carefully selecting specific training to enhance the skills of their workforces, and strengthen the trust and confidence between employer and employee.  This plan should be mapped out to allow each effort to dove-tail together, building up to successful outcomes.

Such a Strategic Plan and the efforts should include using credible experts to make sure this process results in a productive success.  Steps should include:

  1. Design this plan with each of the earlier goals in mind: a) what adjustments might help the business to be more productive?  What are causing any slow downs?  List those weak areas and create a resolution.
  2. Survey your customers to identify issues or concerns that need to be corrected.  Encourage appropriate employees to take personal time to talk with customers and pull together a list of items to address  these issues and implement for improved customer relations.
  3. Have your Human Resources professionals to identify what employees’ skills are in need of professional training in order to be more efficient and effective.  Then locate those trainers to focus on these skills with employees.
  4. And a VERY important and often overlooked area needing special attention is to bring an Executive Coach/Trainer on board to help educate and make Owners aware of how to build a strong trust and confidence that employees can have with their employers.  Many of today’s employees are skeptical and uneasy as whether the Employer or Leader really knows what he/she is doing — or if they are seriously looking out for the workforce’s welfare.  Are the employers being responsible?

This focused plan will only be successful if the company’s Strategic Leader has the commitment of the employers, and if all employees are committed to a practical timetable and work to accomplish all goals by an agreed date .  Compass Career Management Solutions can be a resource.  Don’t waste any time to start.

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