Don’t Waste Time — Retirement Is Your Well-Deserved Adventure

Many years ago I read a book about the “stages on one’s life”. I had just had my two children and was entering my early 30’s. As I read this book, it seemed very clear to me that for the most part, this author was right: many women (I can only speak for my gender) did have a pattern to their lives. Adolescent to teens followed by those early adult years in college and/or a career and/or marriage. Next came the attendance of wedding showers, weddings, and then baby showers, but then your life revolved around your children, spouse, work and home. However, women tend to include friends as part of their lives, which we find very important.

Fast forward several years, and your children are grown and gone, while you and your spouse become more involved with your careers and maybe some type of social activity or hobby. Again, this stage of life races by, when suddenly you look in the mirror and you see an older woman there. Who is she? What happened to that 40+ woman with all those plans or thoughts of how to plan for your future retirement, which seemed in the far distant future? Suddenly, time has passed. Many of your friends and relatives have and are battling health issues, and you may have a few of your own, though you refuse to dwell on it. “Retirement” is now appearing more “bittersweet”.

OK, no more gloomy Gus!!! There is still much to do, places to go, and people to see. Instead of dreading retirement, use this period of time to savor every positive thing life has to offer!!!! PLAN FOR YOUR FUTURE!!! Organize a list of items to tackle, books to read, plays to attend, music that makes you want to move, enjoy the many lovely places all around you. Enjoy local activities. Learn something new, work puzzles to sharpen your brain, but mainly, don’t waste one minute delaying RETIREMENT! Once you have put in your time at work, take advantage of our wonderful world and explore each corner! What are you waiting on? Make each day count. Be creative and let your imagination take you on the Adventure into your Future!

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