Selecting a Practical Leadership Program to Develop Prospective Leaders

Learn by Direct Involvement

Learning to Lead by Example

Most employees today have been either exposed to some or little leadership experience.  For so long the Baby Boomers and their predecessors have held the leadership roles for so long that other employees have never had the opportunity to gain any experience.  However, now that more of the senior employees are exiting, more leadership positions are needing to be filled.  Unfortunately, finding a Leadership Training Program with flexible or various programs are not the norm.  Most Leadership programs are lengthy and used to working with more experienced personnel, as well as being expensive and requiring trainees to be away from their jobs for several days.

Compass Career Management Solutions has always been ones to craft or develop customized programs, as we recognize and believe that “one size does NOT fit all”!  Our “Phased Leadership Program” is prepared to adjust their training to address different levels of education as well as experience.

Our program includes three levels of Leadership Training, which allows a person to take the level that currently matches his/her status, as well as gradually move into the next level program, with the third level being capable of developing “senior, strategic leaders”.

If any employee has challenges with grasping or accomplishing any skill or task in a particular level, individual coaching can be included or added.  Compass Career Management also uses follow up with groups to learn of any constructive adjustments or additions that might be helpful to our programs.

These Leadership programs are designed to keep costs reasonable and avoid the need to remove employees from their jobs for long periods of time.  Clients are assured of receiving lots of attention and support.  If you want your prospective leaders to be thoroughly indoctrinated into the world of “Leadership”, you should be very pleased with our program.  Contact our office to learn more: 704-849-2500.

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