The Importance of Insight of the Economic Ties to the Business Outcomes

Dedicated, Strategic Leader + Credible Experts & Committed Employees = Success

For quite some time I have been a member of the Charlotte Economics Club, thanks to the encouragement of John Silva.  As we became acquainted many years ago, and I relayed that a large factor for me and my business was keeping informed on what business events might happen elsewhere but affect a business, industry, or area in other locations.  This knowledge helped me to better assist my business clients.  John then informed me that the Economic Club would be an excellent resource and venue for me, and “he was right!”

Of course, some presentations have been more useful than others, but I have always walked away with insightful knowledge and added wisdom.  Each meeting has been a valuable education, for which I am thankful to John Silva.

Our world is constantly changing and evolving.  Industries and technology grows and develops with some aspects more useful than others, but there is always so much to learn and understand.  Some of the experts who present can definitely be great resources.  Though I have relayed to many in business how informative and valuable the Charlotte Economic Club can be, numerous business persons see this venue as boring.  (Their loss!)

Still, if a business owner or employer realizes the value of such insight and knowledge, they should consider attending and/or joining such a professional organization.  This month’s program delves into the world of “construction”.  Surely most are aware of how much construction is happening in our Charlotte Metro and across our state.  If you are an intelligent business leader, who values staying “informed”, you are encouraged to attend this meeting, as well as others in the future.  There is always something to learn.

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