What Are The Top 3-4 Efforts that Could Deliver The Biggest Impact to Your Firm

Learn by Direct Involvement

Learning to Lead by Example

With the opportunity to meet many employers/owners and human resource professionals in the 24 years of our business, it has been enlightening to listen to these executives and learn about their challenges to manage and correct.  Invariably, I have heard 3 or 4 efforts that have really made substantial improvements.  These efforts are quire reasonable, though the quality of the effort is essential.  Here are the 4 Efforts that have made the MOST valuable impact on companies:

COMMUNICATION:  Almost every company leader I have met has included “communication” as a weakness and challenge.  As our workforces have grown and become more diverse, more misunderstandings arise.  Many companies have employees of 5 generations.  Communication can be difficult among the same generation, but 5 generations can be a huge challenge.  Add to that multiple cultures, languages, traditions, etc., which is why Communication Workshops are so useful.

LACK OF STRATEGIC PLANNING:  Today more business leaders/owners have more headaches and problems while everyone around them badgers for answers, resolutions, and results.  A Business Owner can find him/herself stressing over the pressure, and yet who can they talk to?  Owners/Employers need a confidential Strategic Coach.  This individual is thoroughly experienced, insightful, and resourceful.  A Strategic Coach should be a very good “listener”, while also able to command respect from the Employer.  Information and lessons should come across directly and clearly understood.  There should also be a balance of mutual respect.  This special relationship can strengthen the Employer, instilling him/her with credible ideas while opening their eyes to other perspectives.

COMMITMENT TO EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP: No more delays or procrastination of Selecting and Training of Future Leaders.  Leaders NEED to have not only thorough training but the chance to use the experience and receive more training as needed.  A good leader should receive substantial in-depth training as so many depend on their knowledge and capabilities.  However, please note that not all “good employees” make good leaders.

DEVELOP PRACTICAL, CREDIBLE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: With reasonably small amounts of effort, an employer can make a huge impact on employees by just sharing time with them.  Most employees would sincerely value genuine exchanges with their employer.  Consider using a short, concise Employee Survey to learn more about your workforce, and from that find creative ways to demonstrate that you care about them.

Review carefully and see if these can’t benefit your organization.


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