Take Time to Understand the Value of your Abilities

Most times it doesn’t take a genius to develop an idea or process that can strengthen your company.  Such ideas can come from simple thoughts or images, that might even seem insignificant.  However, that is how great ideas may seem initially.

As a tea drinker, I used to wonder why someone hadn’t put coffee grounds into a small pouche like it had been done for tea.  Though I thought of it before there were “coffee singles”, I never did anything with the idea.  Looking back, I felt my idea seemed too simple, and yet it obviously was an effective idea.

Too many of us will have notions or creative ideas, but we don’t give them the credit that they deserve.  No doubt, you will probably look back at some of your ideas and wonder why you never took this to the “next level”.  The “post-it” notes are another example.  How many times have you take a small piece of paper with a note on it, and “taped” it where someone else will find it.  How handy it is to pull off one sheet of a “post-it” note, and attach it on someone’s door or desk, etc.

To take this a step further, such small ideas can bolster a company and increase their bottom line many times over.  As to the question taken from this title, “anyone can use his/her intelligence to derive small but significance ideas and boost a company’s value by not sloughing it off, but following through and sharing how this contribution can become a major investment in your company.  (It might save on time, materials, or money.)

In conclusion, anyone can identify positive ideas and make a real difference in a company’s future.  Use your brain to its full potential — Make a difference.  Don’t shortchange yourself.  You could be the next one to be your company’s hero.  Believe in yourself and open your mind to all possibilities.

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