Do You Have An Effective Strategic Plan for Your Organization’s Future?

Learn by Direct Involvement

Learning to Lead by Example

Employers and Business Leaders are expected to be responsible and proactive when it comes to developing a Strategic and Effective Succession Plan for their organizations.  Some companies who find themselves closing their doors or downsizing is often due to “poor planning”.

No one relishes going through a downsizing or closing, but there are a number of employers and leaders who “assume” that doing the same things over and over is the safe way to run a business or organization.  However, too many things change and often unexpectedly.

What has worked for several years can suddenly experience “push-back” from customers and the public.  People may look for something new, different, fresh, etc.  Look around at your competition and see what they are doing?  Not everything should need to be changed, but to locate some new approaches, looks, capabilities, etc. may enhance the desire of those customers looking for something that is “fresh, outside the box, or different.”

Don’t change everything as there is something about your business that draws people to you.  Start with small, subtle changes.  I would discourage anything too dramatic to begin.  With any alteration, get feedback and reactions.  Remember that your approach should be subtle.  Also, track reactions, allowing time for people to adjust to the changes.  After a month following the changes, circle back and see how people feel about the changes.

The BIG change for an organization is the selection of new Company Leaders.  Before any are chosen, here are a few points to consider before selecting:

  • Be sure to review the job description and determine what changes are needed.
  • Is your organization using a current pay rate guide.
  • Encourage the supervisor meet with the prospective winners to confirm a good match.
  • Confirm and match the candidate’s pay rate and job duties
  • Consider other outside candidates before making a final decision.
  • Each of the candidates need to be assured about confirming that they are up to the task — that they want this job!

When it comes to choosing your candidates, the employer needs to be sure the candidate is up to the task and WANTS this position.  If they have any doubts, now is the time to acknowledge it.

Each company needs good leaders, who value this opportunity.  Then the employer is responsible in giving these candidates the proper and effective training to be successful.  With well-trained and motivated leaders, the organization is positioned to be successful.  This is a win-win for everyone!

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