How Employers/Owners Sort Through Tough Decisions – What Helps Them?

A Strategic Coach or Partner is a Great Support

When it comes to determining the best decision involving sensitive issues or people in your organization, how does an Owner/Employer sort through this maze and avoid involving his/her personal feelings, while being objective, gaining all the facts, turning over every leaf to be sure all aspects have been considered?  At the same time an Employer needs to tackle this without involving staff to keep from tainting the facts, using only impartial info and resources.

It is times like these that the use of a Strategic Partner can be a benefit to the Employer or Owner.  To have another set of eyes and ears to avoid missing any important information.  Plus Employers often find it very effective to talk through the findings with someone who is impartial.  When expressing this information aloud, small details will often become more noticeable.  Or the impartial Strategic Partner may not have the distractions that the Owner has, and thus the “Partner” could find the determining factor more easily.

Making “important decisions” naturally includes a certain amount of stress, which can blur the brain, making a person feel in a fog.  Taking time to get some fresh air, take a walk or talk through the factors and data with a strategic partner allows a person to sort through the data and review what factors will benefit the situation.

Other times a Strategic Partner/Coach can provide that “sounding board”, allowing the Decision Maker to think more clearly in order to determine the best resolution.  We all have good brains, which helps us research, reason, and select appropriate solutions to each challenge that comes our way.  It isn’t that a Decision Maker couldn’t choose the best approach or tactic, but having that “partner” provides additional insight and perspective, encouragement and reassurance for those important decisions.

If your Employer or Owner currently doesn’t have a “Strategic Coach/Partner“, encourage him/her to consider this as a wise course of action.

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