Hiring Is Serious Business and Those Hiring Need to be Trained to do so Effectively


Strategic Hiring Process

Too many take the “hiring process” too lightly.  Many think it is a matter of quizzing individuals and watching some sweat, as if the interviewer is “putting the screws” to a criminal.  That is NOT what the hiring process is about.

There are specific approaches to help the interviewer determine if the job candidate is being forthright.  It is also quite common for employers to administer background checks and drug testing anymore.  With these an employer can avoid risks of more serious problems within the workforce.

However, employers should be more focused on the skills and abilities individuals have, as well as appropriate education, degrees, and training of skills.  In addition, it is wise to determine if the candidate has the capability to reason well and make good decisions.  Then add to that the importance and value of honesty and credibility of an employee, which would provide a sense of re-assurance that the employer has hired a responsible and competent employee.

Reference checks and testimonies can add more peace of mind that your recent hire will benefit your organization.  There are some questions are either not permitted by the government or discouraged.  Be sure whoever is handling your hiring process is effectively trained to administer and attain the key information needed to confirm that your have just added a valuable member to your workforce.  Remember, too, that adding more people to an interview panel is not necessarily a good idea.  It can add more confusion than clarity.  Compass Career Management Solutions has provided “Effective Hiring Services” in order to make sure those “hiring representatives” are all on the “same page”.

With an “effective hiring process” employers should be able to retain good employees more.  That is a win-win for all!

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