Employers: How to Develop a Strong Executive Team

Executives and Business Leaders don’t become assertive, intelligent, and strategic automatically, but rather it takes focused training and coaching to mold an individual into such a talented and valued asset to an organization. A person may have some natural talent or appropriate personality traits, which attributes to his/her skills and experience. Still, to become a strong leader in business, a person requires dedicated and well-designed training to bring out those “leadership competencies and skills”, which would benefit their organization.

Some employers still have not grasped the importance and value of credible, effective training. They tend to ask, “what will this cost?” If you want positive results, it will probably be a substantial amount. A future executive or leader can only be successful when a strategic leadership training program is implemented, and an effective trainer. The trainer doesn’t have to be a “drill sergeant”, but he/she should provide structure, include an organized program, utilize proven and effective training materials, and have each candidate actually practice each lesson and engage each experience in order to successfully benefit from this program.

Employers often ask their human resources professionals about finding a less expensive program or process, but the priority is selecting a reputable training program, which will produce confident and effective leaders. These future leaders will be responsible for building a FUTURE strong and progressive organization. Therefore, the priority should not be what the Leadership Training Program costs, but what does it produce.

In recent years some young business professionals have commented about the lack of confidence some leaders possess or personify, which causes their subordinates to doubt their abilities or knowledge. A “good leader” not only needs training but the opportunity to practice those leadership lessons in real scenarios in order to strengthen their own professional integrity.

Compass Career Management Solutions sees “Leadership Training” as another transition, which develops an individual from a “newbie” or entry-level business person through management training and eventually becoming a Strong Leader. Since individuals are all different, our “Phased Leadership Training” is designed to gradually or methodically teach/train these candidates about the important skills and traits of a Leader, allowing for focused and strategic instruction. The program is set up with three levels and an option for additional coaching. Give serious consideration to this approach and see how a person’s full potential can be nurtured to fruition. 704-849-2500.

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