Is Self-Employment A Viable Career Option

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Today people are still finding themselves facing career transitions, whether welcomed or not.  Though the “unemployment rate” is low, it doesn’t necessarily include those people moving to our Metro, as they wouldn’t be included in our unemployment statistics.  In addition, the competition in the job market is very tough.  There are many very qualified or experienced job candidates applying for the same jobs.

In addition, there will be hundreds – thousands of high school and college graduates out knocking on the same employers’ doors, seeking employment.  Not only will they be current in their skills, but be young and eager to accept jobs, more than likely for less money that those transitional more mature candidates.

With all this in mind, Self-Employment could be a very viable career path, especially if you select a business and field, for which you have a passion and appropriate skills, experience, and sufficient funds.  Still, in order to have a decent chance at being successful in your chosen business, you should make sure to learn as much as possible about the responsibilities, requirements  and legalities of a business owner.

One excellent and credible way to gain this insight and information is to register for the Self-Employment Forum provided by Compass Career Management Solutions.  You will walk away with a clear understanding of the critical data needed to make an “informed” decision on this HUGE career and life-time choice.  Check with Robyn Crigger, CEO of Compass Career Management Solutions via email or call 704-849-2500 ASAP.

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