Sharing Mutual Respect

Sharing Words of Wisdom

When we were children, it seemed so much of what our mother/parent said to us was “NO”, don’t do this or that.  At times we felt they were being too tough or unreasonable.  Yet as we became adults, so many incidents developed that proved our mothers were smarted than we gave them credit for.  Some of the “lessons” or guidance our mothers shared with us included:

  • Nothing good happens after midnight.  (That curfews were to try and keep us out of trouble.)  Instead, use the bulk of your hours for positive and productive purposes.
  • Always be honest.  (Somewhat like another saying that “the truth will set you free”.)  When you try to lie or exaggerate or dodge the truth, chances are that lie will dig you deeper into trouble.
  • Be polite and respectful to others.  (This kind of behavior will place you in good regards with others.  If you are polite and respectful of others, they will treat you the same.)
  • A mind is a terrible thing to waste — therefore, use your healthy brain and intelligence given you to make the world a better place.  (A person doesn’t need to be a genius to benefit others.  Even if you believe that you don’t have the gifts of some well-known people, like Albert Einstein, etc., each person can make a valuable contribution to others.  Don’t sell yourself short!)
  • Money does NOT buy happiness!  (Many people who are wealthy are NOT happy.  Money can help with many things — buy medical supplies, food for the hungry, etc.  However, “happiness comes from within each person”.

These are just some “words of wisdom” that have been shared with children.  Chances are you learned much more from your Mother, Father, Grandparents, etc.  These people care about you and have tried to relay important wisdom.  No matter where you are — at home, work, in your neighborhood, etc., you have the opportunity to share such wisdom with others.

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