Customers Deserve Polite, Respectful Customer Service

Of all the investments and efforts provided by businesses, where would you believe Customer Service Training ranks in that list?  Seen as a skill or role in a business, Customer Service often is given extremely little training or none at all.  The majority of business people have no idea what impact that Customer Service has on the bottom line.  Obviously, the company needs well-trained Leaders, as well as Supervisors and Managers, but two efforts that go hand-in-hand are “Effective Communication” and “Customer Service” Training.  The Customer Service Representative definitely needs good communication skills.  It is so easy for a customer to feel neglected or mistreated.

When a business first begins, it usually has developed a thoroughly researched business plan in order to begin on a solid, well-organized foundation.  Included in this plan is a clear understanding and practical schedule for tackling each step of business as it moves forward, which keeps everyone “on the same page” (or well informed).  With good communication, glitches and gaps, etc. have little chance of occurring.

As time passes and the company grows (through attaining more customers or possibly through acquisitions or mergers), and this well-planned process can easily get “off track”.  As one employee may relay some flawed information to a customer regarding the purchase of or use of the company’s product they purchased.  When the customer tries following the “flawed information or directions”, problems arise.  The customer becomes upset and contacts the company’s Customer Service Representatives.  Depending on the seriousness of the problem and/or the costs involved, upset customers can become quite vocal about their bad experience with that company.  Past experience has noted that a bad customer service experience can cost a company as much as $42M a year.  Any bad customer experience is guaranteed to multiply and spread across a community like wild fire.

Here are some interesting facts: 86% of those customers experiencing bad Customer Service quit using that company.  51% say they will only try once to work things out with the business.  41% want companies to provide better interaction on the matter,  and 73% say they want to see more competent staff.  Companies have found that it costs 6-7 times more to gain a new customer than to retain an existing customer.  One last interesting fact: 80% of companies believe that they have superior customer service, while only 8% of customers believe that these same companies are superior.

If you have a “good company”, be sure to promote your commitment to employees and customers by providing quality materials and services.  Compass Career Management Solutions is your Human Resources Partner.  We value all of our clients and strive to provide the very best services.  That should include Customer Service and Effective Communication.  We want to be of assistance.  Call 704-849-2500 or visit

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