Employers, Show Your Employees You Value Them

It should be of no surprise that many supervisors and managers have NO business being managers!  No matter how long they have worked there or to whom they are related!  This situation is nothing new.  In fact, this problem has existed decades – if not centuries.  When your company or organization has been fortunate to find/hire productive and effective employees, don’t let an irritable, moody, intimating, and demeaning manager cause a hard-working, intelligent, and capable employee to become frustrated and discouraged to the point of quitting the job.  Someone MUST stand up for those mistreated employees and justifiably release the over-bearing, condescending manager of his/her position.  All employees should be mutually respectful with employers setting the pace.

It is too common for these controlling, belittling supervisors to pressure good, conscientious and capable employees into quitting their jobs.  This HAS TO STOP!!!  Surely, someone in the ranks has documented the manager’s poor behavior so to appropriately lodge a complaint.  This can’t go on!

Upper Management, have you not attained enough data to process such a behavior problem?  Why should such an unfair supervisor be allowed to stay in a beneficial position, yet the tormented employee believes he/she has no choice but to leave a job they like and want to keep?

You surely know such people in your organization.  Employers, help those being badgered and tell those power-hungry supervisors to “take their leave”!!!  We have all experienced an overbearing supervisor in our careers.  It is past time to address these poor examples of managers and bring a halt to their misbehaviorEmployers, show those “good employees” they ARE appreciated!!!

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