How Can Employers Improve Workplace Behavior, i.e. Bullying and Harassment

Employers Set the Pace

Encourage Open Dialogue to Discuss Mutual Respect

No matter what industry or business is your field, it seems there is some level of Bullying or Harassment that exists.  Even the settings make no difference, nor age or level of education or income.  The wide diversity of our workforce has only increased the number of poor workplace behavior situations.

With each week that passes more cases of poor workplace behavior occur.  As these events take place and show up on the evening news in homes across our nation, what are parents saying to their children?  Or what are the children taking away from what they see and hear on our national news?

Employers NEED to get a handle on this trend and develop clear boundaries and consequences for such poor behavior.  All our workforces need to grasp the importance and necessity of mutual respect within all organizations.  Employers should inform and educate all employees on what is proper behavior, as well as clear rules for those who demonstrate negative behavior.  No longer can such behavior as “bullying or harassment” can be tolerated.

If an employee should taunt, tease, bully, or harass another employee, there should be only one chance to redeem him/herself and prove that he/she knows the proper way to behave and how to respect fellow co-workers.  Not only are these poor behaviors hurtful and inappropriate, it is condescending and demoralizing treatment to our fellow man.

It would be a valuable effort for employers to provide “Positive Workplace Behavior Workshops” in order to set a positive foundation for this important message to one’s whole organization.  With this workshop, scenarios can be portrayed, questions asked, and clarifications can be shared.  After such workshops, notices and various postings could be placed throughout the workplace as a reminder of this important message and the consequences for those who do not comply to “mutual respect”.  Employers need to set the pace and re-enforce this important workplace behavior standard.  Compass Career Management Solutions provides these “Positive Workplace Behavior Workshops“.  Contact us today to help create a Healthy Workplace Environment. 704-849-2500.

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