The Value and Impact of Communication on Businesses

Many employers still do not have an accurate reading on how important “Communication” is in business, and all that it affects.  Just because someone can open his/her mouth and possibly say something half-way intelligent, doesn’t mean they know how to relay accurate information or that they are sharing the type of information that is in the best interest of the employer, nor how it will be taken by the customer. 

Employers, if you can accept that you may not have all that you should know about “Communication”, take time to read this data.  Furthermore, do you have any idea how “bad communication” can affect your Bottom Line?


Effective Communication and Customer Service Workshops



Here is an Opportunity is to inform and make you aware of weak areas within your organization, that can cost substantial money.  Both “Communication” and “Customer Service” are seldom recognized for the impact they have on companies.  However, both areas affect employees and customers.  Communication and Customer Service are seldom viewed as a serious factor in business and thus given little attention.  With more research it is now known that these two areas can HELP or HURT a business (including “Body Language”).

In an article “How Communication Affects Productivity Statistics”, “Polls show that many American employees feel disengaged from their work, a problem often tied to ineffective communication, such as a company that doesn’t seek out and support two-way feedback. No matter how connected your staff may be, without motivation there’s no impetus to connect with co-workers, managers, etc. with day-to-day business….Effective communication leads to improvements in productivity of as much as 25 percent when employees feel engaged with their work and connected with their co-workers. This is the essence of employee ownership that drives productivity from the worker level.”

Compass Career Management excels to teach and clarify companies to improve and strengthen skills to provide better service to the customers.  This planned Preview will share information to a) clarify what is “communication”, b) distinguish each person’s preference of communication; c) explains how “effective communication” impacts “customer service”, d) identifies gaps that hurt your communication,e) teaches how important listening is in communication, as well as how communication can improve Customer Service.

Compass Career Management promotes “the art of clear communication”.  In our regular Workshops, participants will be exposed to exercises that will help to gain a heightened level of effective communication.

In this “PREVIEW”, you will be shown how and why COMMUNICATION is a key skill and is woven through the many fabrics of business, including CUSTOMER SERVICE.  All should conclude that: Effective Communication is a priority to a company’s success and influences business outcomes. 

REGISTER FOR COMPASS CAREER MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS’ PREVIEW ON TUESDAY, AUGUST 28 FROM 9:00 A.M. – 10:30 A.M. FOR THIS FORUM.  LEARN ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNICATION, AND HOW IT AFFECTS YOUR BOTTOM LINE.  Send me/Register your name, title, company/employer, email, phone and number of employees BY Thursday, August 23!!!

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