Examine Why Employees Have Left and Find Ways to Stop Losing Good Employees

Are You a Supportive Leader

A Good Leader Strives to Invest and Develop the Employees

Year after year, I hear both sides of this story: A) Good Employees accept positions where they believe they can be helpful, and where employers give the impression that are going to do all possible to support and develop that employee.  B)  Unfortunately, right off the bat, the Employer doesn’t even provide any “On-Board Training” to make sure the new employee understands the duties required and what is expected.  Consequently, the new employee is reprimanded for not doing the job correctly and has poor results.

The Outcome is the new Employee becomes very discouraged and depressed, while the Employer rants and complains about the poor work and getting behind production.

Employers MUST understand that the Hiring Process has only brushed the tip of the iceberg when locating and securing a good employee.  It is definitely CRITICAL to provide “On Board Training”, and checking with new employees every day or so to see if they need  more reassurance or a mentor.

A new Employee needs regular chats and “taking of the pulse” for the first 3-4 weeks.  Once that employee has become more familiar with the position and its responsibilities, the employee’s manager/supervisor should consider areas that would benefit and enhance the new employee’s skills and talent.  Give this new Employee a chance to grow and learn, which can boost his/her confidence.

With this type of “hiring routine” employers could find themselves with no only a well-skilled department of employees, but no more problem with “turnover or retention”.  Smart and wise Managers/Supervisors shouldn’t be blaming negative work activity on the employees, IF those employees are being nurtured and groomed to be the best employees possible.

If you see a department with frequent turnover, chances are that manager/supervisor is NOT taking care of his/her staff.  Good employees, who are willing to work hard, as well as grow and learn, simply need a “good manager/supervisor”, who knows how to develop and invest in good people.   How many good employees have you seen run off by “poor managers/supervisors”?  Wake up and teach your managers to invest in the workforce.

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