Mistake of Many Job Search Candidates

Important Approach for a Successful Job Search

A Job Search is NO piece of cake!!!  A Job Search is a very serious, competitive experience – no matter how “low” the media says unemployment is.  Those in a job search are not only the young college grads, or those whose jobs have been eliminated, but also many highly qualified, downsized professionals.  They all NEED jobs, therefore, each candidate is closely scrutinized, screened, and compared by each employer.  If one candidate has more experience, more training, more accomplishments, etc., that can make the difference of being offered the job.

With this in mind, each job search candidate should be doing everything possible to give themselves an edge against other candidates.  Unfortunately, several candidates will, consciously or unconsciously, take an inconsistent approach, possibly due to emotional ups and downs or lack of self-confidence, or being unable to commit to the Job Search.  Whatever the reason for their behavior, many of these struggling candidates just can’t put the full effort or commitment into a Job Search.  Even when the candidate has one or two good experiences, there is a tendency to back off now and then.

When this happens, the job search for these people doesn’t seem to ever “get into gear”, which is a shame as a majority of these candidates could have landed a job in a reasonable length of time if they had only believed in themselves and been more focused about their job search.  In other words, they hurt themselves by being too lax, giving up, or not pushing themselves with a focused routine.  When a person is in a Job Search, their “new job” is “Finding a Job”.  The Job Candidate needs to have a routine and to stay focused on that, as well as specific goals.

Any major goal requires commitment, positive attitudes, and perseverance.  There are many parts to a successful job search, and each part is important.  Deciding your career path, developing an effective resume to reflect your career choice, marketing yourself, researching and being resourceful, networking, being selective about your employer, preparing to interview, etc.  It is a LOT of work, but I believe each person is worth it.  The important message here is for each job search candidate to work hard and strategically to attain the best job opportunity possible.  Go for it!!!

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