How Do You Treat Others – Does Your Life Reflect Your Values?

Life is full of the unexpected, and your actions/behavior demonstrate who you are.  Chances are you have experienced surprises in your life.  If not, then you are in the minority.  Changes and unexpected events happen in most peoples’ lives.  Some people have been VERY fortunate and only encountered an occasional minor hiccup for decades, but there are NO guarantees that your smooth-sailing won’t end.

When my children were young, their friends asked why our family seemed to have more than others.  This surprised me as I KNEW we were not overly blessed, but some of their friends evidently saw us differently.  Obviously, these others had no idea that I managed a strict budget, clipped coupons, or grew many vegetables in our garden, etc.  Still, “image can be other’s perception”.  Though this was many years ago, I concluded that these were children, and that their images didn’t relay who we were.

However, that experience made me aware that outward appearances may make it seem that others are doing well, and yet not have money to buy shoes for their children or provide well balanced meals for their families.  Nor do we know when a serious illness may strike a loved one or a tragic accident could steal the life of a family member.  Losing one’s job can be absolutely devastating!  How long could you go without a pay check?  How long do you think it would take for you to find another job?  Jobs that are eliminated, or for those unemployed who are over 40 or 50 years old, often find many employers who see you as “less desirable”.  Though you can still work and make a contribution, there may be someone who is younger or more current who becomes your competitor.

Any of these events can happen to you!  It is especially during these difficult times when your values are tested, and one’s true behavior can be seen.  This article is not meant to seek sympathy – but to relay a real story that demonstrates how discouraging events can happen to anyone.  This is a short version of our family’s experience:

  • Husband lost job after 20+ years from a national firm due to an attempted company buy-out
  • Moved family from Charlotte to Atlanta for job opportunity
  • Husband experienced 2 other job transitions which occurred beyond his control
  • Meanwhile older son almost killed in car accident, sustaining permanent injuries
  • Moved family to Illinois for another new job opportunity
  • Husband uncovered integrity issues with new employer, requiring another job transition
  • Husband and wife commit to start a business, moving family back to Charlotte
  • Wife’s mother is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and requires 4 years of care, though stressful
  • Husband’s mother dies 3 years later suddenly, and wife’s mother dies one year later
  • Gradually business grows, and passion for business proves their genuine purpose
  • Older son joins business, but 5-6 years later is carnapped and tortured at project location
  • Managed through stressful and volatile roller coaster economic times
  • Older son dies (2014)

Life is full of ups and downs, and there are many businesses and individuals, who have behaved irresponsibly and disrespectfully to clients, employees, vendors, etc.  Compass Career Management Solutions stands for being honest, respectful, and always trying to provide the best service to others.  We also appreciate our associates.  We encourage all to treat others with mutual respect.  Remember that you never know when you might need good friends.  We are thankful for all of ours.  Bill and Robyn Crigger

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