Leadership – A Critical Priority for Companies & Organizations

Business Leaders Must Set the Pace & Support their HR Professionals

Last week the North Carolina Society of Human Resources Management had their annual conference in Pinehurst, NC.  Of the many Human Resources Professionals who attended, there were equally as many who did not attend, which is disappointing.  It seemed many companies and organizations did not support their HR Professionals attending this valuable, annual event.  With this in mind, I encourage more business owners and employers to learn and understand the value of SHRM and how it is a major resource for their Human Resources representative.

Human Resources is responsible for a very large portion of the legal management of each company’s workforce.  The plate of a company’s HR grows continually, as more responsibilities and requirements are added, making each have a FULL plate!!!  Certain legal stipulations and requirements are adjusted or added on a regular basis, and each company’s Human Resources representatives are expected to be informed and processing this data on a regular basis.

The SHRM organization works diligently at keeping their “members” informed of all changes in order to keep each member’s employer out of jeopardy.  The role of each HR involves heavy responsibilities, which is a BIG reason to not only have your HR professional as a SHRM member, but also to pay for that employee to attend all SHRM monthly meetings, as well as the annual state conference.

Like other professionals, they can only perform as needed when they keep current on rules and skills, etc.  As a LEADER of your company/organization, it is YOUR responsibility to provide the support and demonstrate “leadership” including why your HR professional must stay well informed to protect your organization.

At this year’s NC SHRM Conference, the topic of “Leadership” was the major theme, and the value and importance of “developing effective leaders” was emphasized as it is our leaders, who need to be proactive about doing all that is possible to strengthen and grow their organizations.  Leaders are responsible for the future of a business, and the entire workforce depends on that.  If you are a responsible and effective leader, you need to be encouraging and supporting your HR Professional to stay informed and keep your organization on a safe and healthy path for the future.  Please encourage your Human Resources Executive and the SHRM organization.

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