Is Your Hiring Process Successful?

Have you experienced a substantial amount of “employee turnover”?  Do you use a credible, consistent, and strategic hiring process?  How many people are involved in most of your company’s hiring?  Are they usually the same people or different ones?  Have those people been trained in professional interviewing practices?  Does your company use any assessment or other testing of prospective candidates?  Have you used “background checks” on candidates?

These questions are vitally important in determining what may be factors, which contributed to poor hiring choices.  Although one item that wasn’t mentioned: “was an accurate and current job description used for the basis of the criteria for the job posting?  This is one item that is often overlooked but definitely a major factor to selecting a qualified candidate for a specific position.

Statistics note that 50+% of employees quit their jobs voluntarily each year.  The annual cost of losing employees is $11 Billion in 2017.  If you are choosing an employee, who needs to work as part of a team or department, there are some assessments, which address those personalities and skills that work well together.  Although assessments can be useful and fairly reliable, some are better than others and should be administered by professionals.  They should not be your only basis for hiring.

The more you learn about your candidate, the better chance you will gain a reliable perception of his/her personality and capabilities.  Listen carefully to see if the candidate is sure of what he/she wants for a career.  The more sure and committed the candidate speaks of his/her career preference, the better chance he/she will likely stay with a job.  This equals “retention” to the employer.

Employers should use a list of interview questions that are relevant, insightful, and help to determine the candidate’s career goal and genuine passion.  Matching the employee and business makes for a successful hire, which benefits both.  The bottom line is that all employers need to have a strategic, consistent, and credible hiring process?  Compass Career Management Solutions can assist you.

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