A Healthy Community Includes Responsible, Respectful & Hard-Working Individuals

Be Courteous & Respectful

Appreciate Respectful & Supportive Influence

If you have lived in the Charlotte Metro very long at all, you have bound to have seen a LOT of changes in every direction of the Queen’s Center City.  Many older buildings are being renovated or demolished with new replacements.  The construction includes numerous residential home developments, large condos, offices, shops, and even parking garages.  No doubt, there are or will be new schools, hospitals, and fire stations coming as well, since we are required to include needed infrastructure as the Metro grows.

It is amazing how Charlotte continues to grow one decade after another.  Some say that Charlotte has at least 60+ people moving here DAILY!!!  That in itself is mind-boggling.  Obviously, Charlotte is an attractive city, and most would say we have a “friendly, hospitable community”.  Still, it is clear that we need to encourage all to be responsible and respectful of each other as well.  By being respectful of each other, we set the foundation for a law-abiding community.

Our employers should also set themselves up to be good examples by encouraging a mutually respectful attitude and atmosphere in our workplaces.  Our media has unfortunately flooded our “airwaves” with “poor behavior” by a diverse and educated group of prominent figures.  What kind of examples are we promoting to our young generations?

We need families to step up and teach all children and our working population about being good citizens and supportive of each other.  The media needs to also go back to the “roots of journalism”, where nothing was in the press which wasn’t confirmed, and key family members have been notified of any tragic event.  There used to be a quote that was stated – at least in the press rooms: “Just give me the facts!”  The “News” should never be twisted or exaggerated, etc.

With so much fast growth, it would be easy for a community to change for the negative.  As proud as most of us are of Charlotte, we need to encourage and stress to others living here that we WANT to contribute.  Just be sure that you are giving positive and proactive efforts, that keeps our community in a positive light.

Growth is critical to everyone, but a community will only glow once our population demonstrates its pride and genuine spirit.  ALL ARE ENCOURAGED TO DO THEIR PART.

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