Leadership, Engaging Employees, & Listening

Observations Shared By Robyn A. Crigger, CEO

Queens University has continued doing a VERY good job of providing their Annual HR Leadership Summit.  For those who have missed this, that is “their loss”.  Not only does Queens pull together excellent topics and speakers, but they also encourage Human Resources Professionals, who are interested in being the best in their field.  There is always something to learn, and the speakers encourage all to participate with more good points. 

Human Resources is one area of business, which is constantly being given additional or different issues, new information, or unusual developments.  Dealing with the “human factor” requires being more sensitive, faced with diverse perspectives, or even unpredictable factors.

In recent times businesses and organizations are finding that many of their leaders are either not a fit for such a responsible role, or they have not received effective training for the position.  Some employees do not even trust their leaders or lack confidence in them.

Another discussion today dealt with the need for creative efforts to engage employees.  Instead of managers/leaders appearing like “dictators” to their employees, much better results come from creative efforts to motivate, include, and inspire employees.  This approach actually engages employees to be much more productive and successful in their positions.

In addition, yet another presentation focused on how to use strategic expressions in order to invigorate the minds of others to think and produce feedback that’s more explicit, resulting in a better or more creative answer or solution.  With more and careful thought, a professional could propose a question that could help the candidate/employee deliver a more appropriate and complete response.  This is referred to as “disciplined listening”.

Initially, the Summit was kicked off by a professional, who shared very insightful data from surveys, and this stimulated the audience, preparing them for the follow-up speakers.  Queens University is respectfully appreciated for its continued support of the professionalism of Human Resources.

Flight of Human Resources Excellence

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