The Value of the Senior HR Forum

The Valuable Impact of Human Resources

Over two years ago one human resources manager commented to me that it would be helpful to have a group of experienced, decision-making human resources professionals, who could come together occasionally and discuss or share ideas. experiences and resources that would be beneficial to the “fellow Sr. HRs”.

From time to time a Senior HR Executive will find a need to have a confidential discussion with someone in his/her field, who might have insight and experiences that would help a fellow senior HR with his/her situation.

Therefore, the Senior HR Forum was born.  Compass Career Management Solutions has always been a big supporter of those in human resources, as it is a key role in an organization.  Though we don’t meet often, which is what attendees recommended, when they meet, important topics and valuable information is exchanged.  All want the organizations/employers to be as healthy and successful as possible.

Some of our senior HRs have recently taken retirement, and it is important for those “senior HR decision makers” to feel included,  We are currently trying to select a date in November to meet.  Dates being considered are Wednesday, Nov. 14 or Thursday, Nov. 15.  Please let me know which date those Sr. HRs would rather attend.  Those willing to host should also let me know.  (Meeting time is 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.)  Responses go to  Please respond BY (End of Day) Friday, October 26.

Robyn A. Crigger, CEO


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