Poor Workplace Behavior: What do you need to know?

You have surely seen all the press and hype about “sexual misconduct in the workplace”, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.  For decades and longer, women (and men) have had to contend with a variety of poor workplace behavior.  From taunting and teasing to extensive bullying, and our internet has given the aggressors another way to harass victims.

Though the big screen media has focused mostly on the sexual aspect of workplace misbehavior, many employees have experienced cruel criticisms and bullying – sometimes from superiors.  This activity and others have made the life of many employees miserable, to the extent that it hurts companies, including production and their bottom lines.  Want to learn more and how to address this problem, register and attend the Union County Human Resources Association’s lunch meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 7 held at the Union County/Monroe Chamber of Commerce Building.

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UCHRA November 7th Monthly Luncheon

PLEASE RSVP by noon on November 2nd!  

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