When You See Someone in Need, Look in the Mirror

One Never Knows When You Need a Helping Hand

As Charlotte continues to experience transitions and growth, there is still a portion of business developers and investors, who are cautiously waiting to see what changes may develop after the elections and before the end of 2018.  Though there appears to be construction and developments popping up all across the Charlotte Metro and beyond, employees and some business leaders are concerned about other issues, i.e. Health Insurance, Medical Costs, the reduction of doctors graduating our colleges the past few years, etc.

Though the Charlotte Metro’s market seems strong, fall can be a time when a slow down can occur.  The holiday season still tends to encourage spending, and retailers are even promoting “special purchasing deals” earlier this year, yet most people are still cautious about their spending.  The cooler weather can stimulate the purchases of winter clothing and other family needs, while other industries can find themselves cutting staff, reducing their hours, and seeking other ways to reduce expenses.

Unemployment may be lower these days, but there are still many people unable to land a full-time job that adequately pays for a family’s expenses.  Those still seeking decent paying jobs are torn between accepting “unemployment”, which is not enough to cover many families’ budgets or taking whatever jobs they can find that may or may not cover their necessities.  So even though unemployment is low, many are forced to take jobs that leave them at a poverty level.  We at Compass Career Management Solutions hear of and try to assist many such citizens.  Unfortunately, there are no easy solutions, though we believe it is important to make our community leaders aware that their citizens need leaders to remember those who are still in the lurch and seek opportunities and support in order to take care of their families.

As Charlotte continues to grow, and new companies and people move into our lovely Queen city, we encourage all in a position to help those seeking a chance to support themselves and their families to “please” keep them in mind.

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