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When talking to a group of Human Resources Professionals recently about “poor workplace behavior”, some statistics were shared, noting that approximately 75% of women employees had reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment.  It is suspected that the number is really more.  Then there is also verbal abuse, which included taunting, teasing, humiliating, bullying, etc.  This problem is nothing new, but it seems to be growing and harming many organizations.

Some employees, who are already having stressful situations at home, come to work in a fragile mindset.  A few might even have resorted to drinking alcohol due to a bad home life.   Or maybe they are dealing with emotional financial circumstances.  Whatever problems employees have at home positions them to be less than healthy for their work responsibilities.  Then if co-workers see those people as “easy targets”, those emotional employees might be taunted even more at work.

There are also those employees of different nationalities, cultures, religions, etc., who may receive negative comments or teasing by co-workers about their accents, customs, different clothing, etc.  Whatever an employee may face at the workplace that is a hurtful, condescending, or insulting is TOTALLY disrespectful and inappropriate.

Employers are encouraged to draft a policy for their workforces to clarify what “poor workplace behavior” may include, as well as what are consequences will be posed to those who are abusing a fellow employee.  If the employer chooses to allow one warning, this rule should definitely be kept, informed to all, and followed.

Employees need to believe that their employers are providing a safe and civil work environment, where all are assured “mutual respect”, and that includes from their supervisors, managers and executives.  No one within an organization should be allowed to be exempt from “bad behavior”.  This matter and how rules should be processed needs to be perfectly clear so that all needs and steps are followed.

The statistics also shared that such poor behavior can cause some of your best employees to leave for a better work situation.  Replacements of those employees will cost a company LOTS of money and a loss in production.  With employees who are abusive of other employees, there will be a substantial drop in employee morale and employee engagement.  In addition to these negative reactions is that the company will gain a poor reputation as a good place to work.   This can discourage the customers as well.

Employers, give serious consideration of providing a “Healthy Workplace Behavior Forum”, using experienced human resources professionals, like Compass Career Management Solutions.  Don’t let such problems begin or fester.  Take care of your workforce and let them know that they are valued and respected.


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