Encourage Your Workplace to be Proactive, Sensitive & Supportive

Being Positive & Open-Minded leads to Peaceful Resolutions

This time of year most of us find ourselves being more sentimental and thankful for our many blessings.  We also have fond memories of family and holiday traditions.  When couples marry, each bring specific traditions into their home.  This may spill over into our work life.  Some may decorate their offices or desks, while others may dress in festive attire.  You may work in a facility where holiday music is played  Obviously, not all employees celebrate Christmas, but the idea of an upbeat, happy work environment is more likely to be the intent.  A place where employees have a cheerful disposition and demonstrate a caring and friendly attitude towards others.

With our workplaces all experiencing a widely diverse workforce, most people don’t mean to be insensitive to those of different religions, but to embrace a positive attitude towards all co-workers.  Still, it is important for those in Human Resources to keep a pulse on those employees who may feel uncomfortable with some holiday practices used in a workplace.  It can be a challenge to keep a vigil on confirming that all verbiage, images, music, activities, etc. are “politically correct”.  Still, we all do need to be as respectful as possible to co-workers, customers, and general public.  It is a matter of being “mutually respectful”.

Keeping our work environment as positive and respectful as possible, the overall goal should still be to promote a proactive and friendly attitude.  The retail stores have another focus, and that is to encourage the public to have a generous spirit, motivating them to make purchases for their loved ones.  But in general a business office atmosphere needs to be sensitive and conscientious to our diverse population.

When you give this topic its due concentration, the theme is still “peace, good will to men”.  And that is a good thing for all.  As this holiday season progresses, take a little time at the beginning of each day and confirm that this message is not lost, but encouraged.  With mutual respect comes caring, which should lead us to “peace”.

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