Seriously Consider Your Gift to Others as One from Your Heart

Personal Support

One Never Knows When You Need a Helping Hand

This time of year there are numerous groups attempting to raise funds for needy children and families.  All are good causes and good intentions, though you may not have enough money to give to all.  However, there may be other things that you can do to lift spirits and bring a smile to a face other that money or purchases.

To those who are “shut-in”, unable to get out to see others, you could make your gift one of your time.  To write in a card, my gift to you is to plan for a friendly visit once a month, etc., when we can chat, read to each other, play a card game, etc.  This monthly visit should be something fun that you would enjoy.

Others may enjoy your taking them on a leisurely drive or for a visit to the park, etc.  Too often we only think of material gifts instead of the kind of gift that only you could give.

There was a movie that wasn’t well publicized, but the message was priceless.  It relayed how an elderly man took the time to write caring, sensitive letters to those who were in need of attention and were lonely.  He would write short letters that offered encouragement and wisdom to give the receiver the fact that we are all ones who have more blessings than we realize.  Many of these blessings were items that we tended to easily take for granted.

Others can purchase a lovely scarf, attractive jewelry, or a useful gadget for your kitchen, BUT when you give a unique, personal and genuine gift, that only you can give, that shouts out loud “I think you are special“!!!

There are bound to be certain people in your life, who deserve such special attention.  Let them know that you recognize their efforts and contributions.   Should a person be one needing a job, perhaps you could donate 1 or 2 hours of job search coaching.  Whatever you do could help him/her take positive steps in their lives!

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