How Can Companies Select Quality Managers Who Motivate and Inspire

Too many companies have selected people for supervisory or management positions, who are either more into “having Power”, or less into developing effective employees. This hurts the whole organization, allowing the company to slip into a lazy, or an “I don’t care Attitude”. Either way this is often places the organization at “great risk”. Those employees under the supervision of these ineffective managers will quickly become very discouraged and find themselves barely going through the motions of their jobs or leaving for better opportunities.

Companies must have a clear criteria and high expectations of their managers/leaders. A company’s lead human resources executive should be the one to draft the guidelines and criteria of “good managers”. These guidelines should also be supported by the employer and/or executive team. If their managers have no clear expectations, they will surely flounder and hurt the organization. A strong and successful organization should have a strong foundation, beginning with their employer/leader. The senior human resources executive is responsible for the Leadership Training and the outcome of that training.

It is recommended that such training is best when provided by an outside, impartial, experienced, professional firm. When using in-house trainers, there is a possibility of teaching existing bad habits to new employees. Those outside professionals should thoroughly discuss with your company’s leaders what traits, skills, and expertise are needed by their new management trainees. Specific outcomes should be noted, and confirmed as learned after completing their training. If not, additional training may be required.

In selecting those “leadership candidates” to be trained, the company should have a check list of existing capabilities, behavior, and personality traits, comparing this list with any potential leaders. If any of these candidates are missing key factors, they should either be disqualified or delayed for this group leadership trainees. Here is an example of those factors sought in a potential leadership trainee.
1) Honest/Trustworthy
2) Possessing High Integrity
3) Assertive
4) Well Organized
5) Good Problem Solver
6) Effective Communication Skills

Each organization should surely have their own lists of factors needed for a potential leader. By FIRST selecting those of good character, they have a better chance of better leaders and managers for their employees. When a company has “quality leadership”, the employees will be more apt to be inspired and motivated to do their best for an organization. Companies definitely don’t want leaders who will badger and demean their employees. Good leaders will set examples on good character, being mutually respectful, responsible, and productive. Companies and their employers are encouraged to use these guidelines for their future managers and leaders.

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