Does Outplacement Make a Positive Contribution

It is not uncommon for companies to decide to make changes near the end of a year as they prepare for a new year to begin.  There are always many unknowns, which leave business leaders to question how to keep their businesses healthy and successful.  One of the employer’s biggest expenses is the workforce.  Therefore, it is only natural to realize that one employee can cost them thousands of dollars.  However, this rationale doesn’t always hold true.  The fact is good training can help an employee to excel and increase production.  Still, these are the decisions that have to be made.  Consequently, IF this is necessary, give this information thorough consideration.

How Does Outplacement Make a Positive Contribution?

There are a mix of opinions on how valuable Outplacement Services are for those who have lost their jobs.  Some employees may say, “I’d rather have the money spent for the Outplacement Services.  However, the tendency is not to save the money or use it for their own job search efforts.  Instead, the money is most often spent, and still no job is found.  However, the Harvard Business Review says employees using Outplacement Services land their jobs 2.67% faster than those who don’t use Outplacement.  If a company selects a credible and effective Outplacement Service, like Compass Career Management Solutions, here are some of the positive outcomes:

  1. If the workforce knows that their employers strive to support their employees during good times and bad, which includes providing released employees with Outplacement Services, then the remaining employees feel assured that the company would do the same for them if more downsizing was required.  In other words,providing Outplacement solutions demonstrates your employer’s dedication to your team, no matter how bad things may get.  Consequently, this effort can increase productivity and engagement from your current staff since they are aware of your commitment to them, displaced or otherwise.
  2. Furthermore, by providing those released employees with Outplacement Services, it is one way for employers to try and relay some professional support to those affected employees due to circumstances that were out of control of the workforce and management.  The professional service possesses the expertise to help those employees to move forward in their lives.  This can reduce subsequent negative emotions between exiting employees and employer – a healthier outcome.
  3. An experienced and effective Outplacement firm can help those released employees to gain the guidance, organization, and focus to help them secure a position more quickly, which keeps the unemployment stats down.  Without this structured support people have a tendency to waste time, become side-tracked, or lose their drive.  The next thing you know, the employees could find themselves in a state of depression.
  4. A number of companies also recognize that there is a liability factor, especially without any Outplacement support.  It is quite easy for a discouraged, disgruntled employee to feel angry under the circumstances.  Though you are not their employer any longer, providing Outplacement can help those employees go through a much smoother transitionpossibly avoiding any legal action.
  5. These days companies need to have a “good reputation”, an employer who treats their employees well, and with that you should be able to attract good employees later.  Offering Outplacement does a lot of good during a bad time.
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