A Friendly, Attentive Customer Service Professional Makes a Big Difference

There is always a lot of talk the last of each year, with every one sharing their thoughts on how the new year will be business-wise. There have already been many predictions with some unsettling events in the stock market. Though it has been suggested for several months that our nation is due to hit some harder times since our economy has been better the last couple of years, but those comments have no real concrete basis. Yes, there have been concerns about China, and other events like flare ups in Paris, and President Trump’s volatile White House staff changes, etc., but individual incidents happen fairly often. None of this provides a concrete indication of what will be happening in our country’s future.

Since there have been some ongoing volleying of words, tweets, and texting, who knows how much weight to place of any of these? Like the “little boy who cried wolf too often”, no one can be sure if there are any serious threats or consequences, or if any battling of words are just “hot air”. Still, all business owners and employers would be wise to be clearly aware of what is happening in their own back yards in order to be “prepared” for any surprises and to insist that their workforces be totally prepared to do their jobs and service their clients.

When speaking with a fellow business owner today, we both admitted that too many companies are not prepared for really difficult times, nor are employers training their employees to be their best, which could cause them to lose customers when businesses are forced to tighten the reigns. For instance, too many employees lack an understanding of how important “good customer service” is. A majority of customers are tired of paying for lousy customer service. They would rather go elsewhere than receive such poor, unprofessional service. When you are the one paying for the meal or products out of your own pocket, you will begin to think twice of paying someone for mediocre or poor services.

Companies and businesses need to be consciously looking at what areas of their businesses are in jeopardy. When business is clipping along at a fast pace, it is easy to overlook those weak areas, which are unflattering to others. But when business goes into a slump, and business owners are seeing their funds dwindle, they should begin to recognize that more conscientious and hard-working employees, verses those coasting their way through the day and possible hurting the business with their indifference. Employers then realize that there is a major issue with the employees’ perspective of their jobs.

Business Leaders and Employers need to remember how much more effective employees can be when reminded now and then of the true value of “Training”. Good training enhances employees’ skills and capabilities. This in turn presents a more professional employee, making a good impression on customers and delivering a higher caliber experience. By providing such effective training for your employees, you are strengthening your own business, placing you in a much better position – even during tough times.

Remember that you can position your business to be healthier by training your employees well, and take time to invest in your business and people. Compass Career Management Solutions is always here to help however we can to strengthen your business for a brighter future.

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