What Can Employers Do to Prepare for the Unknowns

Be Observant, Provide Good Training & Work Hard to Succeed

There are a lot of unknowns that are causing concerns for employers today. Most of these are out of the control of employers, employees, and customers. Still, employers and business owners need to think about what they can do to protect their businesses or strengthen their organizations as much as possible NOW. By reviewing what concerns exist, some strategies and preparations may be developed that can help some companies from the worst scenarios. Some concerns of some business owners/employers include:

1) What happens regarding the relationship between the United States and China, particularly involving trading between the countries.
2) What are the repercussions from the temporary government shut-down?
3) How will the outcome of the southern border between the U.S. and Mexico affect our relations and business exchange?
4) With so much attention being required of these other national and international issues, aren’t there other issues being neglected which businesses and citizens need resolved by our Congress?
5) What would businesses say is the top ranking issue or concern that they need for Congress to tackle?

Clearly, our economy is reacting in a way that reflects concern for the multiple concerns that exist today, which include more items than the list above. If the public was asked what are the priorities both parties of our government needs to be attending, what would you say would be the top three? This is a time when political parties need to work together for the best of all. It doesn’t help for the political parties to bicker back and forth. This is not a time for “power games”. Our country and all of our citizens need to focus on the what will keep our economy strong and keep our country safe.

Meanwhile, what can employers do to strengthen their organizations and enhance the skills and capabilities in order to be productive and successful? One of the top efforts is to provide training for those who can positively contribute to a business — those can be strong training for leaders, teach needed skills that will benefit all, develop strategic skills for better management, etc. Too many employers do not grasp the “power and value of effective training”. Change and transitions are a constant part of life, and thus, training can be the best effort and investment of any business. Compass Career Management Solutions is an expert in transitional support.

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