How Is Your Business Using Technology to Prepare for the Future Workforce

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Technology has become a major factor in business and will continue to play a critical role. However, the question may be how will business leaders and owners manage technology in order to benefit businesses and yet not let technology manage the owners and leaders? (Similar to the question: is the dog wagging the tail, or is the tail wagging the dog?)

Technology for decades has benefitted companies in many ways. For instance, most are aware that more and more people are shopping online instead of going to stores and physically making their purchases. In fact, many stores have closed due to this change. Banks are also experiencing fewer people coming into their facilities, but instead are using online banking to handle or manage their financial transactions. It is convenient for the customer, though it is also costing many banking employees to lose their jobs. There is less of a need for bank tellers now than in the past.

Still, there are some concerns like scammers, who can steal information from ATMs, or plague individuals by stealing their credit and other individual information, from which these “thieves” can cause substantial problems for the individual victims. By stealing bank account information, social security numbers, and other volatile data, these thieves are stealing a person’s identity and finances. Businesses and their technology experts battle these criminals, though it seems as soon as some criminals are caught or detecting and setting up ways to block such criminal activity, the criminals find new ways to break through any road blocks.

Technology has definite problems that need to be watched carefully and find ways to resolve them, as well as be alert to others that might develop. Technology is wonderful and can be very beneficial, and yet it also opens people and businesses up for major headaches. Clearly, most are willing to continue using technology due to its ability for efficiency, though such developers of technology are encouraged to be sensitive to the long-term affect on an industry and possible risks. There are many technical processes and programs that enable companies to produce more efficiently and allow for organizations to be even more successful, which outweighs any negative concerns.

In fact, technology is being used in many more ways each year, which promotes the potential of ideas yet to be discovered. The key is confirming each technical program or process is carefully researched and examined for any possible flaws, and watching out for indirect ramifications. All are encouraged to correct those before ever used by businesses. Thorough evaluations are critical in order to keep technology as a positive resource and NOT a threat. Each business needs to do their own research before determining which technology is a good fit for their industry. Never assume if one company uses a new process that it will be good for your organization. All should do their own homework and test a program in your business before diving in. Think: who will benefit and who might be hurt.

Technology is a valued tool, though any new program/process should be tested on your own entity before committing to its use. Remember that your entire workforce depends on your business leaders being thorough and professional in their decisions. Make your choices “good ones”.

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