Transitions Are Seldom Easy And Often Emotional And Stressful

Preparing for Unexpected

Learning to Cope with Change

When was the last time you had to handle a major transition? Changes of all kinds occur fairly often, and the more calm and organized you are about it, the better for your outcome and stress level. If everything remained the same constantly (like the movie, “Ground Hog Day”), the more bored you would become. It would be menotinous to know how each day would be, and what would happen when.

Of course, that doesn’t happen in our world. One day may be “smooth sailing”, while the next day may be filled with one unexpected event after another. The best way to cope with changes is to try and roll with the flow, keeping an open mind and accepting each change as “an adventure”. It doesn’t help to complain about this “change” or to fight what has developed. Changes occur to everyone. Sometimes a change or transition can actually be an “opportunity” — or even an unexpected benefit. The fact is transitions can turn out to be an unexpected, pleasant surprise. However the outcome can actually be affected by one’s attitude.

If your superior woke up sick on a day that there was a big project to be done, and you manage to not only accomplish the heavy tasks scheduled for that day, but possibly exceed expectations, your company’s leadership may be so impressed by your outstanding performance that you are offered a promotion. But even if that promotion didn’t occur, you should feel very good about how you met the challenge.

No matter what transitions occur in your workplace, a positive attitude can be a MAJOR factor in the outcome. Employers should encourage their workforces to think positively and provide lots of support. Work can become tiresome and stressful. In order for the workforce to be proactive and productive, they can be helped by lots of encouragement and coaching from superiors. A negative mindset or attitude will only deteriorate the workforces’ morale.

Lastly, if your organization faces a BIG transition, it is most wise to tap into “Transition Experts”, who can help you and others manage this with as little stress as possible. Compass Career Management Solutions are such Experts.

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