How Do You Manage a Series of Unexpected Challenges via a Transition

Use of Appropriate Experts Can Help Avoid Hardships

Any transition will have some unexpected or inconvenient hardships, which most people know will occur. When assisting a company with a transition, we research and prepare for as many as possible. However, there are some transitions that are not only inconvenient but that can cause havoc for you, your employees AND your customers. Even when you have chosen long-standing or “professional” vendors or resources, you can find yourself and others caught at the mercy of the vendor.

For instance, one HUGE and CRITICAL resource needed in business is “communications” — in this case we’ll say phone service. Even though practically all businesses also depend on the internet, we also need and are accessed via our phones. However, if the phone service is faulty and cannot meet the needs of the business, what recourse does the business have? One well-known resource is the Better Business Bureau, but they have their limitations. They can try to negotiate on your behalf, but they may not be able to resolve the problems.

If your company has a contract with that phone service and feels the need to break the contract due to a lack of meeting the company’s needs, can the phone service sue you? While trying to determine this matter, your company still may not have working phones. So now what? One person commented that there is to be no monopoly of any phone company, and yet what would the phone company say?

Unfortunately, while this debate stretches out, causing major concerns for the affected business, what would or could you do? If you are a large enough company, you might be able to flex your corporate muscle and get results, but for many small firms, their hands could be tied. Therefore, before your company begins planning a move or major transition, it is wise to examine those important factors that keep your business thriving. Be sure to check to see how accommodating and flexible your major service vendors are when it comes to making a change. Keep in mind that there are multiple sources that each company uses to keep business growing. Electricity, internet service, distribution or shipping vendors, etc. One of these could cause major problems, but multiple glitches could be devastating!!!

Speaking of a change/transition, my husband, Bill Crigger, and I have been managing a personal home move over the past week, and I must admit that after 14+ years in the same house, the moving routine has changed quite a bit. Costs have risen substantially, and services are different, as well as what and how each vendor requires a change of address. Furthermore, determining what to keep or pitch can be another dilemma. Sorting and pitching takes a LOT of time.

If your business or organization does expect a transition in the future, please consider Compass Career Management Solutions your transition experts. We have assisted with a wide variety of transitions. We can help you think through the various aspects of this change. Visit our website to learn more:

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