How Decision Makers Decide on Unpopular Topics and Issues

Good Decisions Come from Wisdom & Credible Resources

Some business decisions are related to topics and concerns that are devided across different generations. Diversity is a good for businesses, and yet those different generations have definite and distinctive perspectives, priorities, and opinion. With this being the case, it is practically impossible for decision makers to make a final decision on anything that won’t upset a fair percentage of one generation or another.

No doubt, you have heard of descriptions of typical Gen Xers, Millennials, etc. The study and research of this matter has a LOT of factual basis and data. With all this in mind, each decision maker must weigh the repercussion of any decision and try to base the decision on the facts. The Business Leader should consider what decision will benefit the overall good of the business, while being aware of any negative consequences for which group of employees. The decision shouldn’t be just a quick fix for the immediate time frame, but one that will provide a long-time resolution. It is not just a matter of weighing the pros and cons. Consider all aspects (financial, productivity, customers, workforce, a company’s public image/being responsible, etc.)

Big decisions are usually very stressful and shouldn’t be made in haste. An important decision should never be rushed. It is also wise to keep an open mind for creative and innovative resolutions. Think through the “what if’s”. Be sure to include input from the CFO and HR Professional. What efforts and ideas could provide a slower positive resolution? Sometimes a slow burn or effort can result in a better outcome. Other times a quick and immediate effort could be what is needed.

Being a Successful Decision Maker is NOT easy, but with time and experience all decision makers will learn new lessons on this matter. We each learn new lessons every day. Be sure to stay open minded and tap into solid, credible resources when searching for the right decision. The bottom line, though, is a Decision Maker must be “decisive”!

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