How Can Employers Demonstrate and Encourage a “Healthy” Work Environment for their Employees?

Mutual Respect and Genuine, Effective Measures to Benefit your Employees Demonstrate that You Value of Your Workforce

One of the aspects of my business that I thoroughly enjoy is meeting and getting acquainted with a variety of businesses and their owners. The better I get to know them, the better chance I have of being of assistance to them or others. Today’s workforce, being so diverse and wanting to help contribute to growing or improving their employers’ businesses, they tend to openly share thoughts or ideas, as well as concerns about their workplaces.

During this time of year, with colds, viruses, and flu being so prevalent, employees are very conscious of co-workers with such illnesses, as well as being aware of sanitary or unsanitary conditions in their work environment. We all know too well how such germs breed and spread from one person to another. Many employees have children who catch such “bugs” from their classmates and playmates. More and more workplaces have started using hand sanitizers and placing them throughout the workplace to try and keep such illnesses from spreading.

However, employers may want to go a step further by providing “pro-active measures” to reduce the amount of germs from key locations that are known to be strong breeding grounds. For instance, phones and headsets should be wiped off frequently with sanitary products, as well as key boards, especially if they are shared with other co-workers. Desks and chairs (arm rests), etc. are also places that should receive a thorough cleaning at the beginning and end of each day. Of course, Lysol spray is also an effective product that battles germs.

Without taking these measures your workplace will be prone for employees catching the flu, viruses, bronchitis, or even pneumonia. As soon as one or two employees catch any of these, the chance of others catching these is very high. For an employer NOT taking such measures or ignoring this is being irresponsible. All employers are encouraged to be proactive in regards to helping your employees to stay healthy. Preventative measures are always the best. Provide sanitary products to your employees, as well as disinfectant sprays, which will demonstrate that you DO care about their health. Such measures will help to keep your employees healthy and working, as well as benefitting your company’s progress. Compass Career Management Solutions values being a supportive partner to all Employers and their Workforces.

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