Resource For Transitioning Executives

When a professional finds him/herself in a career transition, some of their employers may provide professional transition assistance, while others do not. However, whether the executive receives professional career transition support or not, each will still find that he/she needs regular interaction with other business persons, where they can discuss their journeys, experiences, and concerns.

Most businessmen and women value and need to mix with other working people, where they can seek insight, look for honest perspectives, or learn of alternatives and resources. It takes time for each person to determine for him/herself what exactly is his/her career goal. Even then a person needs to research enough about a company to decide if that company matches the employer criteria created by the candidate.

Compass Career Management Solutions facilitated such a venue in the past, which was very successful and productive. Since a job search is still very competitive, CCMS is determining if this need would still be valued. Robyn Crigger, CEO of CCMS, believes Corporate Job Seekers still realize the value of such support. Before selecting a location, where they could meet, we would appreciate hearing from those who would be interested. Those corporate job seekers can meet and talk with fellow colleagues, as well as receive credible guidance and information. If there is enough of an interest, we will arrange for an initial meeting for salaried businesspersons in a career transition, meeting twice a month.

This group would be facilitated by Compass Career Management Solutions, and those interested in attending would need to register on our website the week prior. There would be a minimal fee to attend ($3/meeting) to confirm your commitment. We would need to limit the number of attending based on the location’s seating capacity. (Probably about 15 – 20 people.) Our tentative plan would be to meet one of the middle days of the week. The goal or purpose of this group would be to assist those corporate, salaried people with their career transitions with various aspects and concerns.

As soon as we receive the first twelve positive responses, we can arrange a starting date and time. If this is of interest, email and include your name, position you are seeking, phone and email address. Respond BY (EOD) February 8. Compass Career Management values being a credible resource to those in transition.

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