NOTICE: Distinguishing What is “Outplacement”

When businesses need to downsize or release employees, some businesses are sensitive to the stress and hardship this causes, and so they hire an “outplacement firm” to assist those employees affected and facing job searches.  Though unemployment is low, the competition for positions are often extremely stressful and intense.  In addition, those employers who are hiring tend to have high expectations that job candidates are not prepared to handle.


There are multiple resources available to those unemployed individuals.  Staffing Firms are usually a “free” resource and is paid by employers filling positions.  Job Candidates can register with staffing firms, who usually have candidates go through background checks, assessments, etc., depending on what the hiring employer requires.


There are also Search Firms, who are usually hired by firms with higher paying jobs, seeking more advanced, successful and possibly professional job candidates.  Some Search Firms will charge candidates for their assistance, though the employer who hires the candidate pays a substantially higher fee to the Search Firm.  (Some refer to these firms as “head hunters”.)


However, most Outplacement Firms are hired by companies who are releasing employees. The Outplacement Firm is hired to assist the individual candidate to go through a job search more strategically and in an organized manner to carefully identify and research prospective employers.  The process is geared to teach the individual job seeker how to manage a Job Search more effectively.  The Outplacement Coaches are NOT hired to find an individual a “position”, BUT to teach them how to systematically manage their own job searches, using appropriate programs and practices to determine what position is the best fit.  In addition, Outplacement Coaches can also teach how to market the candidate, creating effective resumes, research and target companies, as well as preparing for interviews – with the purpose of placing that individual back into the “driver’s seat”.


Compass Career Management Solutions is an experienced professional human resources firm, skilled in Outplacement, Training & Development and a variety of “business transitions”.

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