What Do You See As Charlotte’s Key Points to Becoming More Prosperous

Charlotte has many fine qualities, but like most growing Metros, NO place is perfect. Still Charlotte was noted as being one of the top 20 cities in the United States about 15+ years ago, and it continues to be so now. There are different stats about Charlotte’s attraction to many. I have heard that 50 to 75 people are moving or selecting Charlotte as home based on the general economics each day. However, there are many reasonable reasons, and here are some.

1) Many businesses choose Charlotte as their headquarters due to no extreme weather issues. There is a change of seasons, though winter is comparably mild. That is appealing to many. (Charlotte is about 2+ hours’ drive to the beaches, and then the NC mountains are only about 2.5 hours to the mountains.

2) North Carolina, and Charlotte in particular. has good national and international airports, which are needed for most companies.

3) The growth in the Carolinas has attracted a wide range of professionals and experts. This expansion of businesses and industries is also causing a bigger demand for homes, doctors, Emergency professionals, teachers, schools, hospitals, etc. This will mean more growth.

4) Our many days of comfortable temperatures will also allow for more growth of produce, which is another positive attribute for this area.

5) Speaking of produce, the Carolinas are widely known for the vast number of beautiful trees, flowering bushes, etc. This attractive greenery is a big draw for many to come here.

6) There are also many excellent and outstanding higher education resources all across our area. These courses/classes is another valuable asset to our area.

7) We are also grateful for vast numbers of educational institutions, that benefit both businesses and residents. (i.e. UNC, Davidson, USC, Clemson, Wingate, and MANY others.)

8) The Carolinas have many safe and useful forms of transportation: planes, light rail, buses, as well as helicopters, and we can’t forget the bikes, scooters, and skateboards. People can choose whatever is their pleasure. (No, we haven’t forgotten the taxis.)

10) Another attraction to Charlotte is our variety of entertainment venues. Of course, we have lots of sports-related activities: Carolina Panthers, the Hornets, Hockey, NASCAR races, plays, concerts, festivals, art galleries, and much more. All of these attract many to our area.

With all these wonderful events and MANY more, a person can always find some kind of enjoyable venue. People always begin searching for something to do. In fact, there may be more activities than you have time to enjoy. Two other positive points include: the many friendly and welcoming

The Many Positive Aspects to the Carolinas

faces and the outstanding variety of restaurants/food here. After reviewing this snapshot of Charlotte, it is easy to see why others moved here.

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